Oct 072010

Steps are being taken to bring the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) to reality as a copy of the text has been posted online.   It can be viewed/downloaded here.

The ACTA’s purpose is to create a system that will hold digital copyright infringers (that includes you, Mr. Illegal Downloader) accountable for their crimes.

The draft is being met with criticism, with pundits claiming the text is watered-down and the signatories would not include chief infringing nations such as China.  To examine this criticism, read Rob Pegoraro’s blog at the Washington Post.

UPDATE: The quick consensus is that the agreement will be worthless without China’s support.  I agree.

Mar 222010

Google just announced that they have stopped censoring their search results in China and has redirected Chinese search capabilities to servers in Hong Kong.

The full text of the announcement found here via Google’s Official Blog.

UPDATE: Google has introduced a China Service Availability page that shows the availability of Google’s services in China.  At the time of publication, the Chinese population cannot watch the skateboarding dog via You Tube.